Contrat doctoral

PhD grant - Contrat doctoral

Each year, PhD grants (contrat doctoral/CD) supported by the universities are available.

In 2023, a CD package consists of a monthly salary of approximately 2044,12 € gross and includes health benefits. It is granted for 2+1 years.

A competitive selection is organized every year to award the doctoral contracts.

There are other sources to obtain a CD : various "doctoral programmes" and "initatives" in the universities and research grants.

PhD grant - Contrat doctoral

Conditions for obtaining a contract

The decree no longer provides any time limit for obtaining a diploma or age. Under these conditions, the application of students who 
obtained their Master's degree before 2011 is admissible. Likewise, students of foreign nationality admitted to register for a thesis by the 
school may apply for a doctoral contract. The doctoral contract has a duration of three years with a trial period of two months. 
Registration every year is compulsory, there can be no interruption except in the case of gap year.
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For any information on the missions at Sorbonne Université, consult the link.

For any information on the missions at Université Paris Cité, consult the link for teaching missions and this link for other missions.

Doctoral contract award competition

The policy of the Pierre Louis Doctoral School is to open its theses to all candidates who wish to
apply. They must directly contact the supervisor proposing the subject.

In order to fill in the research proposal form, please click HERE.

As part of the competition for the award of doctoral contracts, THE DEADLINE FOR SENDING SUBJECTS 
by the research teams for validation by the doctoral school is set for 05/22/2023 at 11:59 p.m
The thesis description sheet specifies whether a doctoral contract is requested, or whether 
funding already exists.


The subjects, once validated by the Bureau of the DS, are posted on the site.


Research proposals in 2023


Supervisor Thesis Subject
UMRS 1136/Equipe ERES Murielle MARY-KRAUSE Evolution sur 30 ans des facteurs associés à la consommation de cannabis en population
générale en France
UMRS 1136/Equipe ERES Maria MELCHIOR Rôle de la consommation de cannabis dans les comportements suicidaires: mécanismes et déterminants
UMRS 1136/SUMO Raphaëlle METRAS Spatial risk assessment of lyme borreliosis and tick-borne encephalitis: a joint modelling approach


The application form to a doctoral contract should be sent in one single PDF document on the application ADUM: at the latest on June 12, 2023 à 11.59 PM.

Mandatory condition: Apply on a subject published in the "Thesis subjects" list proposed by the School.


It must include (Use online files):
- The competition exam presentation form
- The additional form for the EHESP competition. IT IS MANDATORY to apply on the following link between 
April 1st and June 30th:
- A CV in free form (3 pages maximum)
- A short note presenting the professional project at the end of the thesis (1 page)
- A note indicating the (exceptionally several) subjects for theses displayed in the competition for which he/she is a candidate, 
setting out his/her motivations for this or these subjects and indicating how his/her training acquired seems to fit to the work 
(1 page)
- A letter of support from the team leader 
- A letter of support from the thesis director in which the thesis is likely to be prepared
- Copy of the thesis subject for which the candidate is applying
- The information sheet for the doctoral contract
- A copy of the Master's degree and of the Master's grades and, if not defended yet, of the corresponding informative documents
 (grades of the theoretical part)
- Double-sided copy of your identity document (national identity card or passport)
- Copy of your Carte Vitale (if you are already registered with French Social Security)
- Copy of your residence permit (for applicants of foreign nationality outside the European Union and already residing in France)
The suitability of the candidate's training for the doctoral project is validated by the Bureau of the DS. Eligibility is notified to 
candidates before the oral test.
This year, oral test of eligible applicants will take place on 28 and 29 June, 2023.


The oral test consists in a 10 ' presentation. The presentation relates essentially to your acquired skills and diploma and your 
2d year of Master degree’s work (or equivalent). You must provide a maximum of two slides on your thesis subject. 
Failure to comply with this last rule is eliminatory.
This presentation will be followed by a 5 ' discussion with the jury.
The jury establishes a main list and an additional classified list. The officiel reports of the jury are signed by the Director of DS

Disability doctoral contract offered by universities have a specific process.

However, applicants eligible must also take the oral test organized by the doctoral school on 28 and 29 June, 2023.