Collège de France

Training / Courses

Training / Courses

Classes are offered by training departments for PhD students from both of the DS co-accredited universties (Sorbonne Université and Université de Paris).

The catalogue of courses and registration process are available on the following links : 

DS 393 students can register to both universities classes, whatever university they are registered in.

It is possible to become a member to the EHESP network by registering on their website :

Membership provides access to a wide range of classes.

Validation of the EHESP network trainings provides 10 doctoral credits.

The Doctoral School 393 signed an agreement with the Collège de France so that our PhD students can attend classes of Collège de France.

Trainings offered are available on the following link :

In order to attend a training, PhD students should fill in the registration form and send it to the DS.

The DS will then enrol the students in Collège de France and get an attendance sheet for the PhD student.

Once the class is over, the student will then return the attendance sheet signed by E-mail to the DS in order to validate doctoral credits.

Some trainings are offered to PhD students such as course units from the Master’s degree of Public Health at Sorbonne Université or the one of Institut Pasteur.

As mentioned before,the list of the trainings available is not exhaustive, and each PhD student can, if wanted, ask to validate a training he/she attended. In that case, he/she should provide the document « demande de validation » attached with the programme and the certificate of attendance of the training.

If a PhD student wants to attend a charged training only in order to validate doctoral credits, he/she should make sure that the training provides credits, by asking first the DS.

Online courses provide doctoral credits regarding their content, duration and quality.

Only trainings displayed by higher education adn research institutions can provide doctoral credits.