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Doctoral school annual seminar

Seminar 2024

The seminar took place on  February 5-7, 2024. The winners of the poster sessions were (picture pending)

2nd Year PhD candidates

  • ABI KHALIL Cynthia
  • BEAULIEU Maxime
  • GLEMAIN Benjamin 
  • JACQUES Marianne 
  • KERGUEN Joséphine
  • MICAËLLI Delphine
  • MOULAIRE Paul 
  • VERNET Raphael

3rd Year PhD candidates:

  • BERGERAT Manon 
  • CONIL Clement
  • ETCHEVERRY Camille
  • PARDO Emmanuel 
  • PINOT Juliette 
  • TRELUYER Ludovic


Seminar 2023

The seminar took place on  February 6-8, 2023. The winners of the poster sessions were (from left to right in the picture)

  • Maxime ESLIER
  • Philomène DESPREAUX
  • Clément LINGER
  • Honor SCARLETT
Doctoral school annual seminar

Each year, the Pierre Louis School of Public Health organizes an integration seminar which traditionally takes place in the city of Saint-Malo.

This seminar is an opportunity for doctoral students of all classes, supervisors, tutors and researchers in the field to meet in a friendly atmosphere.

Beyond strengthening ties and creating new collaborations, this event aims to prepare the future of doctoral students by encouraging reflection on their future integration into the world of research, hospitals and also business.

The program includes the presentation of posters on the work in progress of 2nd and 3rd year PhD students. Their presence is therefore mandatory.

The posters presented are listed below by class and alphabetical order.

Promotion 2020 - ABC

Promotion 2020 - DEF

Promotion 2020 - GHI

Promotion 2020 - JKL

Promotion 2020 - MNO

Promotion 2020 - PQR

Promotion 2020 - STUV

Promotion 2021 - ABC

Promotion 2021 - DEF

Promotion 2021 - GHI

Promotion 2021 - JKL

Promotion 2021 - MNO

Promotion 2021 - PQR

Promotion 2021 - STUV

Promotion 2021 - WXYZ